Where To Go For Bowling, Billiards And Darts

The Best Places To Go Bowling In Seattle, Washington
Seattle is one of the most exciting and entertaining cities in the United States. In fact, thousands of new tourists visit the city every year. It is situated near Canada as well as a couple hours drive to Portland. However, one of the latest new trends in Seattle is bowling. Moreover, there are a number of great bowling lanes to visit with your family.

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Top Five Locations For The Jazz Lovers

Seattle jazz lovers often want to enjoy this kind of music in a live venue. When listening to their favorite records and CDs at home cannot satisfy their craving for jazz music, these individuals might wonder where they can hear area bands play. Fortunately for these music lovers, Seattle is known as a haven for musicians. Both fledgling and professional jazz musicians can be found playing on any given night throughout the city. Fans of this type of music can Read the rest of this entry »

Top Ten Places To Visit For Happy Hour

Seattle’s one of the best places to get a drink and some food for cheap. With so many restaurants, these are the top five that truly know what they’re doing when it comes to atmosphere, price and frothy drinks.

1. Bastille Cafe and Bar
Happy Hours: Every Day 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM and Sun-Thurs: 10 PM to Midnight
The best part about this place is the food that goes along with your favorite beer. Steamed mussels, ginger and fennel pollen and crisp frites make this restaurant a decadent fair with some amazing bites. Check out the Hama Hama Read the rest of this entry »

Want To Hear All Great Hip-Hop Hits: The “War Room”

Seattle is a great city that has a booming night life. There are all types of clubs and bars. People that want to have a good time would not believe just how many places can cater to this need. One place that lots of people used to talk about was the War Room.

The War Room was the place to be for all the hip hop hits. Some people would actually be surprised to know that hip hop was so prominent in the Seattle area. There are no big name rap acts from the Read the rest of this entry »

Its Time To Chillax: See Sound Lounge

Seattle is a nice city to live in. There is a rainy atmosphere with lots of cloudy days, but this isn’t so bad for people that like to chill. It only adds to the mood.

A somber day of rain can turn into a night of majestic lounging in the Seattle nightclub scene. There are some great places in the area that are awesome for a relaxing evening. Some people like to sip on mocha chocolate lattes and listen to poetry. There’s a place for that. Others may like to have a couple of beers and chill in a lounge. Read the rest of this entry »

Bars For Boozers And Lounges For Cruisers

Yes, there are such things as bars for boozers and lounges for cruisers. We know they exist but how can we learn how to find them. Even if we do find them, how can we be sure they live up to all the hype? To answer that question means all bar hoppers will have to read reviews on websites, blogs and magazines that cover the club scene in a particular area.

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Why And Where Smoking Is Prohibited

If you are a smoker planning on going to Seattle, you should be familiar with your smoking laws. Laws have been in effect for many years in most public buildings. You would never go into your doctor’s office for a visit and light up in the waiting room. That is just common courtesy now. We know what the effects of second hand smoke are, but when it comes to restaurants and bars, we have been behind the times.

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Why You Should Salsa At The Century Ballroom

Salsa is an energetic, upbeat dance for couples with origins in Cuban Afro dance history. It is typically a rhythmic dance that has morphed into several styles over the years. Salsa is currently extremely popular, with clubs all over the US teaching classes and holding competitions.

There are many reasons to take Salsa classes at this club. The Century Ballroom in Seattle is one of the top Salsa dance class places in Oregon. Classes are set up weekly Read the rest of this entry »

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